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Baby Eagles

Live TV : Ustream
This is so awesome. This webcam is set up on an eagle's nest and two baby chicks have been hatched and one more egg is ready to go at any time. I find myself watching this eagle family a lot. It is so fascinating to see the pair interact and watch the chicks. I just saw the mom feeding the babies and I can't help but squeal out loud!

What a great learning tool for children to watch, too.

And, my adult joke of the day comes from when my husband and I were talking about the eagles a few nights back. Long day for the hubby and we're winding down and I told him I didn't realize eagles were monogamous (this pair has been together since 2007) and he says "Yeah, eagles are monotonous. Er, I mean monogamous." Talk about a Freudian slip. :)


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