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I've started boxing.

Yep, you read it right. I started boxing. I now even have my own wraps. I'm planning to get boxing gloves in the next few weeks.

But, the side effect is that I have aches and pains in muscle groups that I didn't realize existed on my body. The worst part? Going to the bathroom. First, my thigh muscles made me want to collapse to the floor just to squat on the potty. (imagine fire coursing through your legs, that's only a fraction of the burn that I'm still feeling) And, the even creepier aspect - reaching back to wipe my ample booty. OMG! THE PAIN! My upper arms, biceps and shoulders feel like I've had about 4,500,000 flu shots.


But, like this sport, I do, as a Rocky Yoda would say. I've got the Eye of the Tiger and I'll be back in the gym on Tuesday sweating till I think I'm going to throw up and loving every minute of punching the bag in the borrowed pink boxing gloves. And, every person who's pissed me off in the past week is getting pictured on that bag.


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