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Helloooooo ... anyone there?

I really need to make this a priority again. Hello folks. I know, I know ... I said I would do this more frequently and then life got in the way. I was having thousands of hits a day, every day ... and then, whammy.

I got a full time job and everything changed. Not to mention the Facebook phenomena. That is truly when my postings started declining. I got FB and found myself immersed in it and my blog was almost completely replaced. I know what the allure of FB is to me: instant feedback without the worry (most of the time) of the trolls out there being jerks.

Anyway ... not that much as changed, other than I'm just really really REALLY busy. Here's the kids - yes they are enormous now, a few weeks ago. Little Bit was singing in a church performance. Hot Rod had the splint b/c we thought he had a buckle fracture on his wrist (it wasn't, fortunately) and there's my giant Pickle, who turns 17 in a few weeks. Funny how time passes before our eyes. I was looking at pictures of my parents' 50th anniversary party from 2007 and two of my favorite cousins have died since then. It broke my heart. We should really love those around us and never pass up the opportunity to talk to them. I regret all those missed chances now. Oh, and it is one of my friend's birthdays today. Maybe I'll text her some birthday wishes. Back to work ... I'll try not to be such a stranger and maybe I'll have something prolific to say next time. Just wanted to come back and say HI!


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