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Over the Ocean

My mom and my cousin took a trip to Germany last week. They'll return this Wednesday. Funny how you want to talk to someone when they're not there. We'll go a week without talking sometimes (not very often), but it seems like I've wanted to pick up the phone every day just to call her and tell her something or ask her something. And, it's weird that she isn't there. It also makes me think about how appreciative I should be to still have her in my life. I have several friends who have lost their moms and they remind me (alot) when I complain about mom's rants (which she does alot). Be glad she can tell you that same ancient story for the upteenth time. Those friends would give anything to hear their moms complain one more time. She'll be coming to the Casa de Army of Mom this next weekend for Easter. And, I'm really looking forward to it. As Mother's Day is approaching, too, I'm trying to think of what we can do. I'm thinking something nice is in order. But my mom is simple - she'd be just as happy sitting at the Sonic sipping a Cherry Coke as anything else. I'm thinking maybe a trip to the Arboreteum. We've never been and she'd enjoy that. Or maybe a Dallas museum. I need to start planning. And, speaking of Mother's Day, I better get the kids to working on the Mother's Day cards. We have Granny (my mom), Grandma (my MIL), two great-grandmas and Pickle's Granny, too. Not to mention all of my friends who are such wonderful moms. I'm blessed to have a plethora of good moms as friends and advisors. Got gifts you need to get or make for your moms? Shutterfly (which gave me Christmas cards that were raved over by everyone - seriously) has some suggested Mother's Day presents. There are personalized photo gifts and photobooks (which I think I'm going to get). And, then they have stuff like party invites,, too.

One of my favorite mom quotes comes from Abraham Lincoln:
All I am, or every hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

And, one more thing: Are you a blogger? Shutterfly's giving me a cool photo book for talking about them. You can do the same thing by clicking here to sign up for a chance at 50 free cards from Shutterfly.


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