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Army of Mom Zombie Attack

Yes, zombies invaded DFW this weekend and Army of Mom didn't have the good sense enough to be scared. Of course, she had her Zombie Killer with her, so that was probably it. Of course, you're wondering where the hell I was ... Texas FrightMare Weekend. While not my genre of films overall, I do dig the zombies and they had the Boondock Saints there!!!!
And, when you have Daryl from The Walking Dead with you ... then, you're pretty safe. If I had to pick a Zombie Killer (that isn't Army of Dad), it would be Daryl.  Yep, that's Norman Reedus (from Boondock Saints and The Walking Dead). He was awesome! Now I have both of the MacManus brothers' autographs.
No Hope. Awesome.
This gal was selling adorable little vampire dolls called Vamplets. If you want a baby vampire, you can get one at She was telling me that her husband gained Nathan Fillion's assistance in gaining her hand in marriage. How awesome is that?
Zombie Barbies and Kens.
Scary, but sorta hot. For a change, I'm the prettiest in the group. And, don't you love my new Browncoats (from Serenity and Firefly) shirt? The back of it says "I aim to make mischief."
Hot Zombie Killer by the Zombie Wrangler mobile zombie detection unit. It was the first time I ever took AoD with me to a dorkfest. He was less than impressed, but I think he's just afraid to embrace his inner nerd.
Who ya gonna call?
Scary scary zombies.
Hot goth chick. I mean, what better way to wrap up a post than with a hot chick?


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