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Stimulating the economy

The boy needed new shorts for school, baseball socks, baseball cleats and football cleats. We dropped big bucks at Academy (because I'm avoiding the tax-free weekend crowds) ... then I get home and realize the boys needs sliding pants, too. We had this exchange (he's 12 by the way):

Me: Oooh, don't you need new baseball pants because you have a big hole in the knee?

Hot Rod: Yeah and they're getting way too short. (points to about two inches above ankle)

Me: You can wear your pants like Jim Thome and not Jeff Bagwell, you know.

Hot Rod: Thome doesn't wear his pants like that. I'm going to go look. *baffled look* He does wear his pants like that. Who's Jeff Bagwell?

Me: Great Astros player. Wore his pants over his cleats. I never understood how he ran like that.

Hot Rod: *google search & baffled look again* Wow, mom. Was he a good hitter?

Don't look so shocked, child. I know a few things about baseball. I haven't always been JUST your mom.


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