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Kidneys, ureters and bladders: Oh my!


Army of Dad likes to give me massive amounts of grief because he says I have an uusual hobby: an annual trip to the OR.

I really don't mean to and I actually missed a few years, thank you very much.

And, maybe I'll miss it again ... but I just don't know and it's making me crazier than usual. Went to the doctor because I was retaining water and my skin felt like a grape about to pop.

So, the dr wants to know what's causing the edema (the fancy word for swelling.) So, an EKG shows it isn't my ticker. A CBC just shows some elevated LDL levels, so bring down the cholesterol, he says. Then, there is the matter of tinkling into a cup. Not so lucky there. Showed blood in my urine without any signs of infection to be causing it.

So, off to the hospital I go (today) to have a renal ultrasound and an IVP (where they inject dye into veins and then check the kidneys, ureters and bladder). Yippee. Not. Some minor notes on the procedures:

The sono tech did her exam. I'm always asking questions about how these things work, so it's like a class for me. Of course, the techs can't tell you anything ... but as I'm leaving from the ultrasound, the tech says "So, you're not having any pain?" Which makes me wonder what she saw that should/might be causing me pain.

Then, the IVP tech is a cute young guy ... he's taking me back and stares at my chest and then says: "you're wearing a bra, right?" Um, yeah. Then, he looks at me again and says "If you just want to take off your bra, you can just wear your T-shirt and skip the gown." Hell yeah, that is definitely preferred. The yoga pants (thanks for the idea, Army of Dad) seemed to be a better choice than jeans for the day b/c I was able to keep them on the whole time.

So, I'm giggling at cute young boy asking me to remove my bra ... then, he's positioning me on the table and says "I'm going to feel you" as he's got his hands on both of my hips. Then, "perfect!" I did start giggling out loud then. The nurse in the room (who did the IV) laughed, too, when I said "A cute young boy just grabbed both my hips and said 'perfect.' My day is improving!"

So, we're taking different x-rays and I'm asking him questions about how they work, etc. And, I'm about to wet my britches and ask him if I can go to the restroom and he says to wait because they will do a "post-void" x-ray, too. So, hooray, peeing is part of the procedure. I can't wait! So, when we get to the point in the x-rays when I can go potty, he says "You ready to go to the restroom? I know you need to go." Yep, I replied, Could you read my expression that clearly? "Nope, I saw your bladder."

Hahahahahaha. I told him to stop making me laugh or I wouldn't make it to the bathroom. So, we go back to the xray room and he goes to show the radiologist the films and returns to tell me I can leave. So, I can go to the changing room to get my bra back on, I ask. "Unless you wanna go like that," he tells me. *giggling* I love cute boys with a sense of humor!

We did talk about our families and he and his wife are trying to have a baby right now. That's so sweet ... and, fun, too, I'm guessing. Ha!

So, now, the waiting is the hardest part. Xray tech said my doctor should have the results by the end of the day. Hopefully, he'll call today or tomorrow. (The doctor with the results, not the cute Xray tech.)


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