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Christmas Card Time!

It's that time of year again when we get ready to start sending out the holiday cards and the good folks at Shutterfly are so convinced that once you get your holiday cards from them, you'll never go anywhere else! So, they've asked me to offer readers a chance to get 25 free cards for your family (use them for birth announcements, birthday cards or, like me, for Christmas cards.)

Last year was my first year to use Shutterfly for my Christmas cards and I got so many compliments, I knew I had to create one of these cards again. The one you see here is our 2010 card.

I'm thinking, too, of creating some photo book gifts for the grandparents of this year in photos of the kids. They've all three grown so much and I do take a few pictures here and there ... You can also create your own personalized greeting cards, too, for special occasions (and when you don't want to run to the store!)

So, here's the challenge for you. I have special promo codes for 25 free cards for three readers. Tell me why I should give you the free cards ... what's your story? Because everyone has one ... hard luck, good deeds, or simply because you've got cute kids to show off ... let me know by emailing armyofmomblogger at yahoo dot com and I'll respond ...

Happy Early Thanksgiving!!!


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