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Gave myself a headache

I got a feedback today that troubled me. The anonymous comment said that Republicans don't listen to both sides of an issue. As a journalist, I pride myself in having an opinion, but also in being able to hear both sides of an issue. In my writing for publications, you can't tell what my opinion is. If you sense some sort of opinion there, it is probably the opposite of mine because I've gone to such extremes to make sure you don't know what my true opinion is. Regardless of that, I took a wee bit of offense that this reader didn't think that I listened to both sides of an issue.

So, I challenged myself to go read blogs of the left. I did so for about 90 minutes. I did get some insights. I even linked to a blog that I don't agree with, but that I think is important for people to read. I have written an email to the blogger in hopes that the writer will respond and give me more insight. If I get that response, I'll share it here.

But, for now, I'm going to go take some Alleve and drink a Dr Pepper. Reading all that stuff gave me a headache.


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