Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


D-day in Army of Mom's home

It is going to be ugly today.


My heart lies with America's team and Army of Dad's heart rests in the Minnesota teams. In this case, it is the Vikes.

*sigh* Looking at's matchup, we look pretty fairly matched, to me.
The local newspaper's sports section picks Minnesota to win by 4 1/2 points. When I asked Army of Dad to explain how the odds and point spread work - he decided to explain to me in terms of betting sexual favors. *shaking my head* Why am I not surprised?

We're going to be watching the game - each of us in our respective jersies (both are players who don't play with the teams any more - mine an Emmitt Smith and his a Chris Carter) at the Stadium Cafe in Addison. Looks like a fun place to watch it, but I'll definitely give you a review tomorrow. It is just down the road from the Studio Movie Grill, where we will be watching "Michael Moore Hates America" as part of the American Film Renaissance tonight. I hope we won't be the only ones there in our football jersies. I'm really hoping that others will be footballed out, too. But, we'll see.

Many thanks to R for watching kiddos tonight so we can go. He is even a liberal and he agreed to babysit. Of course, money speaks louder than politics for most of us. :)


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