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Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Today is my oldest son's birthday. My first born. And, he is 10 today. Double digits. Boy, am I feeling old today or what?

Happy birthday baby. Enjoy the day with your dad at Hooter's. Yes, you read that right. His choice of birthday meal was to go to the land of tight orange hot pants and undersized tank-tops. It brings a tear to the eye of Army of Dad, who feels that nurture is getting the better of nature in this case. The boy has told his dad that he wants him to buy a Hooter's restaurant so he can get a new wife. Lovely. He wants a hot step-mom, that is scary. He tells me I have a fat ass, in not so many words. *sigh*

Regardless. Happy Birthday!


  • At 10:34 AM, September 12, 2004, Blogger Uzz said…

    Nice picture;-)Mini-Uzz is basking in the glory of GIANT Spiderman and the webshooter...though I have to take the webshooter back and get another one since the bottle is broken. He is the most handsome child on Earth, but I'm not bias or anything:-)


  • At 11:07 AM, September 12, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    We did well, Uzz. Yes we did. He is a beautiful, sweet, creative and funny. Ten years ago today, I went into labor at 6 a.m. and found myself in too much pain to watch Troy Aikman. Seems like they were playing the 49ers or the Redskins, but I can't recall which. I just remember focusing on Troy during the pain. Then it got to be too much and not even the allure of Troy and the Cowboys could save me. By the evening, I was trying to bribe the nurse to get the anesthesiologist to leave surgery to give me an epidural. I remember saying I changed my mind and I didn't want a baby any more. That all changed as soon as I laid eyes on that bloody little conehead. One of three most beautiful things I have ever laid eyes. It is my privilege to be his mother.


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