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NOW it feels like Christmas to me. We have this magnificent 12- to 13-foot tree in our front room. It is so big that we can barely sneak by it to get from the living room to the kitchen. But, it doesn't matter. It is Christmas and we LOVE to have big trees. It is the one really nice thing about the giant ceilings in the front room. Most of the time, those ceilings are just a nuisance because of the AC bills. But, we have fun with the tree. We take the children to a choose and cut farm each year and pick a tree. We used to drive to East Texas and visit the Ivanhoe Christmas Tree Farm. I used to live and work in Bonham and found the tree farm then. But, this is the second year that we visited the HSH Farm. The Ivanhoe farm is fun because you get to take a hayride out to the trees and they usually have a little bonfire going with smores and hot dogs. The local farm is much much smaller, but it works well because it is only about 10 minutes from home. My parents started taking me to the choose and cut farms when I was a kid and I've always enjoyed it and had fun taking my kids to do it, too. With our tall ceilings, we've been able to get some gorgeous, and large, trees. We'll be decorating this week and once it is done, I'll post those pictures.

Here are the kids at the tree farm.

She looks like a little elf to me in this. I was surprised she kept the Santa hat on.

Hot Rod cherishes his dad's hat to wear out and about.

Boo looks like an eskimo or something. But, he is so cute. He has always liked wearing Santa hats.

Now, here is the traditional goofy family picture with our gigantic tree.

Army of Dad built me a nice little fire before he took Hot Rod to play some Putt Putt. Little Bit is cozy in her SpongeBob beanbag watching Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas. Me, I'm cozy by the fire and watching the Eagles stomp the living shit out of the Packers. What is up with that? I was thinking this would be a good game.


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