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Tournament of Champions experience

It has been a lot of hard work getting to this point with these boys, but what an experience. We played among the best of the best in our age group from across the state. We played Division 1 and we could tell. We were just about as good as these teams, our boys just weren't used to stepping up and playing teams as good or pretty close to better than them. Our boys also play cleanly and they struggle when they play rough teams and fouls aren't called. The boys just seem to back off a bit because they get tired of getting beat up. But, all in all, it was a good experience.

The boys had fun. It was hard on me because Army of Dad is busy coaching and organizing the boys, etc. Me, on the other hand, had to corral two ornery children. Hot Rod wanted to play more than his brother, so he had a GIANT meltdown. If you look up stubborn in Webster's, there is a picture of my son there. He threw an all-out holy hell fit for a good 30 to 45 minutes. I finally picked him up and carried him over my shoulder out to the car and he finally calmed down. This was one fight I was not going to let him win. In a battle of the wills and I was not going to lose. I was not going to give in regardless. He wanted a ball to play with and I wasn't going to let him have it. There was mud, hills and slopes and I wasn't going to be yelled at Army of Dad when he lost the ball. He wound up finding some kids with a ball to play with, so everyone was happy. I don't care if he loses THEIR ball.

We had a good time. We have such a great group of parents, too. We may lose one of our starters because his dad has graduated from college and is looking for a job. It would be a blow to the team, but these boys are so resilient. When we lose a good player, one steps up and fills the void. We have at least one more season of soccer at this level. Boo keeps saying he doesn't play any more, but then he gets out there and has a good time. He would be just as content to sit at the art table drawing, but he needs some activity and it is good to see him really be a part of the team. That is probably the single more rewarding part of this for me - seeing these boys really be a team. They work together and they put up with each other like a family. Many of these kids would NEVER be friends away from the soccer field, but they are because of the soccer field. I like that. Plus, we have a really diverse team and I like that, too.

Here is Boo running through the bridge the parents make and then the team before the second game. Look at the smile on Army of Dad's face. He was really proud of his boys.

That is Hot Rod on the right in the camo hat. He wears that to the soccer fields for whatever reason.

They're a goofy bunch of boys. I think that is one reason why I like them so much.


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