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I hate people

Ever see the Christmas show Scrooge starring Sir Albert Finney? It has a number in there called "I hate people" and I often sing that song at moments like this.

I really feel that way right now. I have five story assignments to work on this week. Two of the five, I've had for several weeks and have been trying REPEATEDLY to contact these people and getting assistants and voicemails. Finally found out TODAY after numerous calls and messages that BOTH subjects are out of the country till next week or later. WHY COULDN'T SOMEONE HAVE TOLD ME THAT TWO WEEKS AGO so I would have known they were unavailable before my deadline and we could have found someone else to be the subjects of these stories? Gees. Now, we will be scrambling to find people the magazine wants to profile that I can interview and write about before THURSDAY!!!!

I really hate people.


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