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Damn blogger

I had a pretty good blog going this morning before I had to get out the door to take care of things and it just crashed and killed all that I had written. *insert loud groan and cursing here*

So, I can't even remember what I had written, but I had to go to Fort Worth today for a pre-placement drug screening at a clinic there. I honestly thought I would be in and out. I figured 'how hard is it to pee in a cup?' Good thing I had my mom meet up with us because I was there about 45 minutes before I got my turn to do it. Uzz very kindly gave me some Pancho's gift certificates, so we were able to go eat for free, too. All in all, not a bad morning.

I got good news yesterday that I'll be eligible for dental insurance in about 60 days after I start my new job. Both boys are past due for their cleanings. Both need a few things done, too. I had them scheduled for late February, but I'll reschedule for the end of March to use the insurance. Woo hoo. Army of Dad and I haven't seen a dentist in three years because we didn't have insurance. So, we'll be going back in, too. That is awesome. I'm spoiled to seeing a dentist twice a year for cleanings.

More good news on the daycare front. One of Pickle's teachers told me that the school district runs an after-school program, so the boys can just stay on campus instead of having to ride a bus across town to the daycare. And the bonus, it is HALF the cost of the daycare. So, it is like getting a big raise. I'm going Thursday afternoon to sign them up for that. I'm really excited about that. Plus, I like the idea of them staying at school. They should be able to get their work done and then play in the gym. Pickle likes shooting baskets, so that should be good for him.

And, even more good news, some of the sources for my story have FINALLY started calling me back. My new boss wants me to have the DFW Airport part of the story wrapped up since I'll actually be working for them next week. So, hopefully I'll get that done in the next couple of days. I have the Dallas PIO working for me on their end. I need to get someone from Fort Worth to help me out and I'll be on my way to getting this story done. Still getting my tax stuff organized. I'll have to wait for daycare receipts and 1099s from my writing gigs as well as Army of Dad's W2.

Army of Dad is having a rough day at work, so hopefully I can help him relax some tonight and he can feel better. I hate it when I'm having a good day and he is having a bad one.


  • At 2:05 PM, January 19, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Yeah, it is a real pisser when they do this. There is a part on the blogger page where you can go to see WTF is going on with them, but I'll be damned if I can remember how to get there. I'll go check.

  • At 5:18 PM, January 19, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sorry you guys are having troubles with Blogger today. Kat, since you mentioned TypePad, it's what I use and I have not once had a problem with it. Then again, it's a paid service so I'd be even more ticked off if things were malfunctioning. Hopefully Blogger will get the kinks worked out. I know LiveJournal was having problems the other day, too. They were down for a whole day. :( -Sondra


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