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When dinosaurs ruled the earth

Sondra over at MindMatters made me feel old tonight.

She posted about the 10th anniversary of Yahoo and how she and her friends did the instant messenger chat thing when they were in high school.

When I was in college, there was no Internet and we had to use typewriters to write our papers.

My first newspaper job used pterodactyls pecking out the letters on a stone tablet.

Ok, so I exaggerated a bit on the second part, but not by much. I never used computers in college or very rarely. We used the old timey systems in which we had to program the computer to run the copy in a certain font, size and column width. Then, it was printed out and cut and paste onto layout pages ... and on went the process. The computers weren't even really computers. They were called VDTs (video display terminals.) Not even called monitors back in the caveman days. I remember when we got a Mac system and we thought we were hot shit because we were using Quark Express and paginating. Oooh, ahhhh.

I remember the first time we got the Internet. Several years after I was out of college. Chat rooms. Wow! What a novel idea. Porn online for free. Oh WOW! Al Gore's invention is great. Just makes me feel old sometimes. My kids will never know what a typewriter was. I almost wish I didn't. They'll take keyboarding in school. I took typing. Man, change is good ... but bad on the ego.


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