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How to cope with stress

I just looked over at a coffee cup I have on my desk. I use it for a pen holder, but it has these tips for how to cope with stress:

1. Strangle your boss (I sort of like mine, so nah)
2. Count your new grey hairs (ooh, like I can't see them anyway. Need to call my hairdresser today)
3. Trash your answering machine (how old is this cup? Do people still use answering machines?)
4. Eat everything in the vending machine (smartly, I have no change for it)
5. Assemble a 2,000-foot chain of paper clips (I prefer to play with those big black clips for thicker papers - you can figure out what I like to do with them *evil grin*)
6. Take three extended coffee breaks ... two hours each (I do that for blogging)
7. Close your eyes, breathe deeply ... and scream (ooh, that sounds like sex. I like that one!)

On second thought, back to writing.


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