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Coach Ben day

Thursday was Coach Ben day at camp. Coach Ben (the tall one - there were two Bens and two Lauras at camp this year) has been at the local camp for the past three years, so the kids really know him. It was great fun. He likes the movie, Pirates of the Carribean and Manchester City soccer team. There were a few other things, too. So, campers who dressed up with one of those themes earned extra points for their team.

Pickle wasn't all that into it, but Hot Rod was keen on doing the pirate thing. Couldn't get him to wear the clip-on earring though. Apparently, people say Ben looks like the pirate who's eye pops out, so we even had a bouncy eyeball to pop out, too.

Here is a good pirate ARRRRRR!

And, with his buddy for his soccer team.

I really like this camp. We learned some new drills to do with the boys - big and small teams - too. So, it was great all the way around.


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