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Infections, strokes and books: Oh my!

Just got back from the plastic surgeon. He checked out my incision and said it is FINALLY appearing to heal and to go ahead and start using the Mederma scar cream (to help the scar fade). He said the culture results from my abcess did show staph infection and it looks like I probably have staph bacteria that just live inside me and attack me at weak points. Lovely, huh? Anyway. He told me to keep that in the back of my mind all the time. He also wants me to come back in a month and he'll take some post-surgery pics of my tummy and he is going to give me my before and after pics. Told him I wasn't sure I wanted the before pics and he laughed. So, that will be totally weird to see. It is also weird that my stomach had feeling in it when my staples were removed back in June, but now it is pretty numb. He actually poked me with a sharp instrument and it just felt like he was pushing on it with his finger. He said that was really weird. But, that's me. Really weird.

Good news about my mom. Her doctor and physical therapist both released her from her rehab. It was a month ago today that she had her stroke. I can't believe they released her. But, I guess they know what they're doing. Overall, she is doing really well. Just weak. But, I guess that will just take time.

And lastly, I got my copy of Just a Geek in the mail today. I may start reading it today. I love the art on the back slip cover. It has a pic of Wil wearing a shirt that says "I'm blogging this." Totally incredible. I NEED THAT SHIRT!!


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