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Panty patrol

I blame Army of Dad for this. Because I never would have noticed these things otherwise. But, as a lover of female butts, he notices what kinds of panties women are wearing. He can spot a thong or a G-string from 20 paces easily.

And, he informed me that most men do this. A chick walks by, the notice if she has panty lines, none, a thong, etc.

So, now he has me doing it. Between him and the British gals from What Not to Wear, I am in full fledge critique mode of women's undergarment selections. I notice if the bra doesn't fit right and it squishes her boobs in the middle like a little booby fat roll. I notice when women have granny panties on and leave giant panty lines and my least favorite are the gals who wear the low-rise jeans and regular briefs. They might be pretty satin Victoria's Secret briefs, but they look bad when you see two inches of panties out the top of your pants when you sit down.

It makes me self-conscious when I'm getting dressed in the morning. I have to look at my backside in the mirror to see if I'm sporting panty lines or what.

So, what made me go off on this tirade? Well, I caught the hot cowboy here checking out my ass when I was walking in the back door a few minutes ago after turning in my time card. I made a good choice today of my T-back Victoria's Secret panties. *whew* Really glad for that. Cute cowboy almost ran over me in the parking lot ... thought about jumping out in front of the truck with hopes that he'd give me mouth to mouth.

But, alas. I'm too chicken to get hit by a truck. Even for that guy.

Save a horse, ride a cowboy. Oops, where did that come from?


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