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Birthday bash

So, it started. Pickle's 11th birthday bash. We rented out a local church's rec center and it was perfect. It had a gym and bounce house, a game room with video games and a big screen TV. So, the adults watched the Cowboys game and we all played.

The bounce house was set up in the gym and Hot Rod and his best buddy stayed in there most of the party. Here Pickle plays with the giant soft frisbee with the kid from next door.
Here is Hot Rod and his best friend. Funny, this kid is AoD's best friend's kid, so it works well for the guys.
Mom and Little Bit self portrait.

A sweaty Army of Dad and his best buddy take a break from basketball for the gifts.
Opening gifts.

Favorite gift.

With his Star Wars cake.

We forgot candles, but he didn't care.

Little Bit looks like she is pointing to say "He did it!" and the baby looks like he is saying "Who? Me?"

Little Bit with my next door neighbor.

There are probably more pictures to come. Uzz took many and so did some other friends who may email them to me. Was a great party.


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