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Thib subs

Again, I find myself sitting here with my lower lip and part of my nose tremendously numb. I am having to talk out of the side of my mouth *no wisecracks* till the pins and needles feeling and numbness goes away.


Funny, though, that I'm having some flashback issues. The side of my face that is numb is the same side where I had my cancer as a child. Back then, the tumor caused my face to stretch and when I smiled, it was crooked. Well, this numbness is causing the EXACT SAME LOOK and it is totally creeping me out. I can't wait for this feeling to go away. Found myself doing the silly little humming thing when he was numbing me with the shots. My mom used to hold me and hum out of tune, but it soothed me. I find myself doing the same thing whenever I'm having a medical procedure and AoD isn't there to soothe and reassure me. Mom may have had her demons to fight, but she loved her kids and did what she was capable of to help us get through the rough patches.


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