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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Now here is a resume

I think there are a lot of us with resumes like this one. Question is, will anyone appreciate her hard work? I hope her hubby and kids, too.

I know how hard she works. Starting next week, my life will get both easier and tougher simultaneously. I end this job on Sept. 30. While I won't have the commute anymore, now I'll be on call 24/7 because I'll be working from home.

It will be both a blessing and a curse, trust me. I have lined up two telecommuting jobs. One, I'm not sure exactly what my title will be, but it is essentially a special sections editor/writer for a monthly construction magazine with statewide distribution. The other job is a business writer job for a nationally read real estate news website. Without daycare and gas costs, etc. I will be bringing home more money if these jobs work out. The construction magazine job is on a trial basis. They have to make money and decide if it is worth it to pay me to do this job. So, it is out of my control whether I'll get to keep it. Please say a prayer, do a dance, whatever ... that it works out. With a new car to pay for, I'll need the work.

Anyone need a writer? Will write for food. Ok, maybe for more than food.


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