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I am so mad right now I could just spit.

I'm working on a story that was due last week, but due to sources blowing me off, the last week of work and other freelance stories, this one has been pushed back till tomorrow.

I made appointments like crazy yesterday for this morning. So, I call this guy who made an appointment to talk to me at 11 a.m. and guess what? He isn't there.

What the hell?

I know I'm just a writer. Nobody of consequence. But, I'm still a person who has a job to do, who has feelings and it really really irritates me when people make appointments and fail to keep them. Would it be so hard to call and tell me that you can't be there at the appointed time? How hard is that? And, I don't guess they care that this is my livelihood. I know that they owe me nothing, but all I'm asking is 15 minutes of their time. Hell, they could talk to me while they're on the can. I don't care, just give me 15 minutes. Is it really THAT friggin hard?


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