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Boys night out

One of Army of dad's Army buddies came in town this week for a visit. He is stationed in El Paso right now, so it was a pretty good drive across some of Texas' pretty, but most desolate, country. But, I digress. The guys went out last night and I have no idea when they crawled back in. I gave up about 12:30 and went to bed. I'm guessing they closed the bars down, though, since I found leftover breakfast in the fridge this morning.

So, no idea how many hearts were broken that AoD is married or how many fights they got in. These boys (and I use the word BOYS on purpose) tend to get into fights whenver they go out. *shaking my head* Now, THERE are some good stories about these two and their buddies and the trouble they got in.

Didn't know Buddy is parked on my couch either. Strolling to my restroom in the buff and Stinkerbelle comes down and says she wants to watch TV. I tell her to go lay on the couch and I'll be in there to turn on the DVD player. A minute or two later and she strolls back in "Dada is on the couch." Oh crap. I'm walking around naked and Buddy has crashed on our couch. Oh well, he is dead to the world, so I'm ok. If the three kids haven't woken him up yet, he can sleep through Armageddon. I'm tempted to go take a pic of him snoozing to post on here.

The Troublemakers before they left:


  • At 10:10 AM, October 03, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    For the record, I have never started any of the trouble that befell our group. I simply had to help fix the situation. It didn't always work, but I tried.


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