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New pants

Today is my going away luncheon at work and since it is actually a bit chilly today, I put on some new dress pants I bought off ebay. (I was trying to get the exact style of my black pants, which fit me great - but these are a thinner material and the pockets are cut differently. So, they fit, sort of, but not like my other pants). Anyway. They're a nice grey business-suit looking sort of material. I paired them with a pink cardigan with a little button down collar and sleeves. Trying to look cute and professional at the same time.

Trying is the key word.

I feel like my ass looks like one of the following, I can't make up my mind for certain which it is:
A)a vat of cottage cheese that is being shaken under a thin layer of material
B)two pigs fighting under a blanket

Plus, the cardigan sort of gaps and shows some skin now and then when it shouldn't.


Should have stuck with my jeans at this point. I feel so weird.


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