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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Out with the old

We bid a less than fond farewell to the aging bare bones model underpowered minivan. It was the first new car that AoD and I bought together. So, it was a bit sad to me.

The Caravan took us to Florida twice, San Antonio on at least three occasions, Houston at least twice, several road trips to Austin and all around the vast state of Texas. It did its duty, but its time had come. Sorry for the fuzzy pic.

And, now our new Kia Sedona with a few bells and whistles. V-6 engine, keyless entry, DVD entertainment system, power windows and locks, rear air conditioning, captains chairs ... just very nice. Army of Dad must love me.

Sorry again for the fuzzy pic. I'll take plenty more, I'm sure. Here is me and the kids about to get in the car.

Of course, it was around 103 today and then started raining for the first time in six weeks right before I go to get my car. It is going to only be 78 for a high tomorrow. I'm stoked. I had to find jeans for the boys to wear. What a nice break.


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