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Farewell luncheon

Well, one day left and a few folks at the office had a goodbye lunch for me today. Was nice. Visited some with the girls in my department. There are four of us in the communications (PR) part of the project and two of us are leaving Friday.

Here is all of my department and two other friends who came along.

and, here is my goofy friend enjoying The Incredibles on my new in-car DVD player. He was like a little kid with the headphones and remote control.

And, here are the girls back at the office. We talked about sex and marriage this afternoon. Made me realize that AoD and I have a less fucked up marriage than I thought we did. :) We obviously love each other pretty well ... makes me feel bad for the others.

I should have taken my chewing gum out of my mouth. Oh well. I'll miss these gals and working, I think, even as much as I have missed being home.


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