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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



While doing some work this morning, my children were playing in the backyard and "catching" (dead) bugs. Well, they were almost dead or almost alive, however you choose to say it. But, they were twitching and that was about it.

Hot Rod found a one-legged cricket that he named Junior. He found him a toy cake pan and gave Junior a leaf to cover up with. Not wanting to be left out, Stinkerbelle requested he find her a bug to care for, too. At frist he found her a dead (not even twitching) cricket. Then, he told me he found a "beetle" for her. Turned out to be a twitching roach. *shuddering*

Exterminator came last week, so that is probably why all the little buggies are dying. Blech. But, they were having great fun carrying around the bugs and taking care of them. Also allowed me to have time to work. I did, however, scrub the hell out of their little hands upon return to the house.

Here is Stinkerbelle checking out Junior, under his leaf blanket.

Showing me the poor creature.

With Stinkerbelle Junior and Junior. I couldn't bring myself to photograph the "beetle."


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