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Mmm. Mmm. Spam

My favorite spam mail so far:

From: Clint Rucker
Subject: Be clean be pistachio twentieth

Body of the email:
Ad for Perfect HGH with list of ailments it can cure, even includes the claim that it was featured on NBC and Oprah ... then this in the text of the email:
forehead with a quaint little mockery of being industrious, that must have made the room look, from the river, like a miserableher any consciousness of Uriahs design. Her mild but earnest eyes persisted, all day long, in toiling under weights that she was
dear. If any unavoidable change has come, in the sequence of time,
of her. You were hot and cold, and red and white, all at once when responded; listened, day after day, to the guitar, though I am blue. There was a young lady with her - comparatively stricken in

Does this really work? Would someone really buy this drug after getting this email? I mean, really. What kind of idiot gets this and thinks "Oh boy, Clint emailed me and boy, he is telling me about a wonder drug. Hmm *scratching head* can't remember any Clints that I know who email me. But, by doggedy, he has my best interest in mind. And, hell, these must be some good drugs because his email is nothing by nonsense. He must be flying high and feeling good. Where is that website? I'm going there right now to order my Perfect HGH. That there's some good shit.

*shaking my head*


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