Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Gentlemen, start your engines

It has been exciting to see all the people coming through town heading to the races. It is so great to live just 15 minutes from Texas Motor Speedway. I really need to take my boys to the races. Hot Rod is bugging me now about why we couldn't go.

Should be fun to watch. Just saw a commercial for the Victory Junction gang and had to explain to Hot Rod why I hope he never gets to go there.

Hot Rod wanted to cheer for the M&M car but Elliott Sadler is driving without the M&M logo. So, Hot Rod is cheering for the Viagra No. 6 Mark Martin car. *shaking my head* He is a chip off the old block. He also decided he liked Joe Nemechek's 01 Army car.

Go Kasey Kahne!!!!! No. 9 car!!!!!


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