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Good news and bad news

Well, the good news is that my pap smear results came back normal and wonderful. After last year, that was great news.

The bad news is that Army of Dad's paternal grandmother broke her neck. We're not sure when. Apparently the family didn't think it was worth calling to tell us about. *not that I'm bitter or anything* I got an email from my father-in-law, who is back in Korea, last night telling me about it. Here is part of th email:

Gramma fell in the kitchen and broke her neck. I'm sure you all know the details by now. (no, first I heard of it) All of us probably had the same thought when we heard this. She was very lucky that her husband was there. If he had not been she might have died. She says the doctors give her no indication of being in danger. They will not put her in a globe but only a neck collar. She starts therapy tomorrow, 2 days after the accident. She expects to go home by the end of the weekend. All of these things make her feel that she is in no danger. She is stiff but other than that just fine. I asked her if she needed us to come and be there for her. Her "no" was immediate and firm. Amazing that at 76 she can handle these things. The human body is really strong. I hope we all will be as tough when our turn comes. I asked about her recovery. She says that it will be similar to when she had her operations. Her husband will have to do all for her and that seems to go OK. He seems to enjoy being needed again and that helps the relationship. Having others around would likely jeopardize that. The recovery is expected to take several months. She was apologetic for ruining our plans to go to Texas and visit Army of Dad. Can you believe that? She is in the hospital and is thinking about how she disrupted the plans of others. Amazing.

She is indeed an amazing woman. I still haven't met her and was really looking forward to her visit. We worry that Army of Dad won't get to see her again before she dies. We are planning a trip to Minnesota for a Fourth of July family reunion, so hopefully the tough old bird will still be arond and kicking. She is a sweet lady. When AoD was a kid, she sent the children $2 bills for their birthday. She still does that for my kids, too. Very sweet. As a matter of fact, I'm looking at the money she sent Stinkerbelle for her birthday a few weeks ago. So, keep Gramma in your prayers please.

I'm going in a bit to the visitation for Ms. B's mom. Small world we live in, the funeral home is now owned by the father of one of my lifelong friends. He had always been a banker and even gave me a loan after college to pay off credit card bills. Now, he runs a funeral home in his retirement. I called my friend and talked to her about it. She said he really seems to enjoy it. Will be nice to see him tonight, too, if he's there. He played the organ at my wedding to Uzz. Small, small world. I love that.


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