Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


I double dog dare you

Little Bit fell in love today with this light post that she called a tree. She was hugging it and smiling.

This shot just looked like she was ready to stick her tongue to the pole. Thank God I didn't hear STUCK! STUCK! STUCK!

She was beautiful today all framed in red. We were at the "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" parade and celebration welcoming home our local National Guard Company A 2nd/112th Armored. (I'm going to post more tomorrow on the event.)

I just thought she looked gorgeous today.

She loved the cold weather. I felt bad because I left her mittens at home. Here she is on Army of Dad's shoulders. That is his hat, she is holding on to.

And my flag girl. She LOVES the American flag. It is one of her favorite things. Everywhere we go, she points out the flags that she sees, so she especially loved today with flags everywhere.


  • At 1:25 AM, December 18, 2005, Blogger Uzz said…

    I've said it before, but it bears repeating...she is too cute for her own good!!! You need to get all three into the studio so I can get an awesome shot of them!


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