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Santa visit No. 48 this year

We have been all about Santa lately, or so it seems. Stinkberbelle's response depends upon her mood. This day, well Dec. 10 it was, she was all about Santa. She climbed up on his lap and told him she wanted a bike and a candy cane. She was stoked when he gave her the candy cane AND a little Santa ball. This dude his cool, she was thinking.

This Santa was at the museum. Starbuck's was handing out peppermint hot chocolate and I am all about that. It is some tasty stuff. Hot Rod likes hot cocoa, but wouldn't even try this. I don't get it. IT is candy, dude.

Of course, we had to do the bubbles. We go there first every time we go to the museum.

The kids really enjoyed the hands-on science area, too. He had Granny handcuffed here.

I'm going to try and catch Saup on all the posts for family and friends. Apologies to the rest of you who stumble upon the blog and get my family history here.


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