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A sad sci-fi con

Well, I didn't get to take Pickle with me and LabKat is saving her money for a trip to Alaska, so I ventured out to the free fan day to try and get a C3PO autograph and my photo made with him. The whole afternoon was a bust.

First off, it sucks to go to one of these things by yourself. Big time. Then, I piddled around (this is a Texas term for goofing off and doing really nothing productive, just FYI) and thought the autograph line looked ok, so I went to get into it. Unfortunately, it was a repeat from Ralphie's attempt to see Santa in "A Christmas Story." It wasn't the end of the line, but the beginning of it. I looked out a hallway and it was wrapping around the corridor. The worst part, this wasn't even all of it. The lady asked me if I had a number yet. Well, hell. I had been there 45 minutes and didn't get a ticket. So, I get a ticket. No. 311. What number are you on? 175, she tells me.

*insert deep sigh here*

So, how fast are they moving? Not very, she tells me. So, I estimated and did some math in my head (scary, I know.) and figured by the time we were at and when they started and I figured out the time a train going to Chicago would arrive if they left at 2:15 driving 65 mph. No, wait, that was a flashback to high school. Anyway. I did some ciphering in my head and figured out that they were going about 60 people per hour. At that rate, I would have to wait at least two hours and then I'd miss another one of Hot Rod's games and that was not acceptable to me. So, I go in and and try to snap a few pics of him signing for others. The lady in the shot very nicely asks me to stop, that he will take photos for free if I will wait in line. At this point, I'm ready to cry because I don't have time to wait in line for two hours.

So, I just left. I did get a few penguin beanie babies to give the kids for Valentine's gifts and a few cheap Xmen comic books, too. So, aside from this one picture, that was it.


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