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Why love spats are good for me

I rolled my eyes first. Then, I sort of grinned. All this while reading Parenting magazine last night and discovering this little tidbit:

"If you keep quiet to keep the peace when you and your partner fight, you may want to rethink that strategy. Women who practice "self-silencing" have four times the risk of early death (from chronic ills like heart disease, cancer and stroke) as those who speak their minds, according to data from a 10-year National Institutes of Health study. No one is sure why, but staying silent may create hormonal imbalances, which can make chronic disease more likely, says Elaine Eaker, lead authoro of the study."

See, honey, all those squabble are actually good for my health. If that is the case, then I should live forever. (much to Army of Dad's chagrin. I think he has his eye on my replacement already. Or maybe that was just lustful looking at the Hooter's waitress last night.)


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