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Show me the monkey!

Now, get your mind out of the gutter, you monkey spankers!

I'm talking about Curious George. I took Little Bit and Hot Rod to see it today with one of Little Bit's friends.

It was a cute movie. Just hard for me NOT to roll my eyes at parts of it and say THAT would NEVER happen. Come on AoM! It's Curious George for God's Sakes! I did have some laugh out loud moments and I was engaged throughout. The only times the kids got bored were during the couple of gushy lovey dovey scenes between Ted (the man in the yellow shirt) and some teacher who had the hots for him for unknown reasons (apparently she has a thing for geeks).

Cute show. Reinforced the fact that my kids are incredibly well behaved despite bad choices now and then. They were good as good in the movie.


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