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Superbowl weekend with the guys


I hate it when I'm a great gal.

Two of Army of Dad's old Army buddies are going to be in El Paso this weekend, so I crapped up the money to send him on an airplane to go get drunk and raise hell with the guys for Superbowl weekend. Hell, I even packed his bag for him tonight. What better Valentine's gift could a gal give her man? Ok, aside from THAT?

Will be good for him to see his friends. One of the guys - Chicken Legs, as I affectionately *or not so affectionately* nicknamed him- lives in Maryland now and we haven't seen him since 2001 for another Army buddy's wedding in St. Louis. Those two - Chicken Legs and the St. Louis groom - stood up for us when we got married. So, he is a good friend. Anyway, Chicken Legs is going to be working in El Paso next week. So, there was a catalyst to travel to the land of Marty Robbins' infamous song.

The other guy, with the oversized head (seriously), is stationed in El Paso right now. So, all the planets were aligned for Chicken Legs and Army of Dad to help some topless senoritas pay for their babies' formula while buying mucho cerveza. My only request is that CL, OH and AoD don't get arrested.

I'm going to miss my sweetie. This will be my first Superbowl without him since we've met. But, that is ok. I have lots of fun stuff planned with the kiddos this weekend. We're going to do Chuck E. Cheese and have a movie night watching our new Spongebob movie DVD. We may go see Chicken Little or Hoodwinked. I haven't seen those. LabKat is coming over Saturday to help me do another website, in which I hope to make some money. Sunday, we'll do chips and sandwiches and me and the kids will be cheering on the Steelers (I think). Then, Monday, I get my honeybear back. I'm sure the weekend will drag for me and go too fast for him.

So, Friday morning, we'll go have breakfast with Stinkerbelle and then I'm a single mom for the weekend. Ick.


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