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The Monday morning after

Well, it is the Monday after a FABULOUS weekend.

Of course, little sleep and being out has caused my allergies to turn into bronchitis, so I'm operating in a fog this morning.

I'll tell you all about it this week. But, for now, I have to get in to the doctor and get my life back to normal.


  • At 12:21 PM, November 06, 2006, Blogger Kelly said…

    I hope you feel better soon. I hate Bronchitis! Ugh!

    Glad the weekend was worth it! ;)

  • At 7:37 AM, November 07, 2006, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Thanks. It hasn't gotten much better yet, but I keep hoping. I got a shot yesterday and some expensive drugs, so hopefully that will get me back to normal this week.

    many thanks.!


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