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Romo-erotic hump day

You know, maybe I put too much stock in the Big Tuna. I trusted his judgment. If Tony Romo was a back-up QB for three years, then maybe the dude did not have what it took to be a starting QB in the NFL.

But, lo and behold, I have drank the Kool-Aid. And, now, I too, think he may be the next Tom Brady. That is a pretty sweet comparison for the cutie-patootey-uber-talented Romo. And, I hear he makes a mean BBQ, too.

I was never a fan of that style uniform, but he makes it look good.

He looks a bit uncomfortable with the reach-around celebration, doesn't he?

Doesn't he look like the high school quarterback from a small town school? He has that very cute, innocent boy looks.

I just like a man in charge.

And, he can put the moves on and get going, unlike Drew Bledsoe, who sprouted roots when he was QBing.

I just noticed our helmets don't match the uniforms. Maybe that is why the navy ones with the stars on the shoulders are growing on me, they match. It's a chick thing.

He looks a bit awkward in a suit, though.

I like the confident look in this picture.

So, there you have it, ladies. You're wanting to watch football, now, aren't you?


  • At 12:32 PM, November 29, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Romo is good, but Philip Rivers is so much hotter. Not that they come close to my main man Urlacher, but Rivers is gorgeous. Like... greek god gorgeous.


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