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Go Bobcats

We had a great Saturday. The Cowboys defeated the Falcons and the local 3A Celina High School Bobcats handily beat the Vernon HS Lions 30-13 at the nice stadium in Denton. We took the kids. It was our first time in the Denton ISD stadium and the first time to see a state high school semi-finals game. It was very exciting.

Celina (in orange) opened a can of whoop-ass. They had some very talented boys and because these are 3A teams, that means many of the boys play on both sides of the ball. Here, the QB handed off.

The Celina kicker punting.

And, Celina blocking a PAT.

No. 25 for Vernon (in white in the middle of the pic) was awesome. He was a one-man team. Big, big man and I think he may have scored both of Vernon's TDs.
I love the muscles in the kicker's leg.

This one, No. 27 is looking for the ball. I don't think the QB ever let it go on this play. I love the cowboy hat in the foreground of the pic. This is small town Texas football.
And, the dancing dude in the drill team was pretty amusing. He didn't have any pompons, but he was cutting a rug front and center for Vernon. Celina's band was the state champ and they were really good for a 3A band.

And, I broke a photography rule with this shot (because Hot Rod has a flag pole coming out of his head) but I wanted the Celina flag in the background. Plus, I just thought my boy looked extremely handsome and all-American in this shot. All three kids, I think, had a good time at the ball game.

We found a great new restaurant tonight, Boomer Jack. We weren't expecting much. I just wanted to find a laid back place where I could watch the Cowboys, since the Celina game was ending just about in time for the Cowboys to start. But, the burgers were good and the atmosphere was nice. The staff was really, really helpful. You order at the bar and they bring your food out and the staff will refill your drinks. The kids really liked it and so did I. All in all, a great day. Great football and wonderful weather (it was 77 when the football game started!)


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