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Sweet child of mine

Every once in a while, children do things that just warm your heart and make you forget all the turd-like things they do.

Hot Rod has had two such moments in the past two days.

The local newspaper is doing a special section in which the paper will publish drawings submitted by children ages 5-12 on the theme "Sharing the Season." I have required that both of my boys do this. The only instruction I gave them was to use their interpretation of what Sharing the Season of Christmas meant to them. Hot Rod brought me a picture of "Mary and baby Jesus." I almost cried. He gets it. He really does. All those Sunday mornings and Sunday afternoons of me (sometimes bitterly AND dragging my feet) have taken him to CCD and First Communion classes (I have to stay for these) have paid off. He really gets what Christmas is all about.

Then, it gets even better. This morning, I walked him in to school and he showed me his letter to Santa that he wrote at school. I had to wipe the tears away from my eyes with this one. He starts the letter:
Dear Santa, please bring my mom a new phone. I would like a new toothbrush.

Look at that! He is thinking of others before himself. And, to think of ME instead of his dad is pretty darn touching. I don't think there is a child around who could be more of a daddy's boy than Hot Rod. And, to be content enough to only ask for a new toothbrush, I'm pretty darn ecstatic. Ironically, Santa brings the children new toothbrushes every year in their stockings, so he'll get one anyway.

He's a sweetie and I'm very proud of him today.


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