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Snow day: Texas style

People who get snow all the time will laugh, but for kids in North Texas, this is exciting.

They thought this dusting of snow was great. Just enough to torture each other with snowballs and snow in the face.

My son has a conehead thing going on here, but hey, it kept him warm, so who cares. 20 degrees is friggin cold if you live in Texas.

My son fancies himself quite the snowball creator.

Damn, I have cute kids. They stopped playing long enough to let me take a picture. Poor little Stinkerbelle was bundled up like Randy, the little brother, in A Christmas Story. She had on two pairs of sweats, a turtleneck, a fleece jacket and the heavy coat.

Of course, these two were both wet to the bone after "skating" on the icy, snowy, slippery trampoline. Thankfully, they were able to strip down and get warm by the fire with some hot chocolate soon after this little romp.

Not even an inch of snow. Humph. No ice for laundry basket sledding. But, it was pleasant enough for them. Large snowflakes are pretty cool for little kids.


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