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Tournament of Champions

Well, today is the day. Our team heads to the Tournament of Champions. We'll be playing the best of the rec (recreational) teams in all of North Texas. We are representing our soccer association as the champs of the Boys Under 12 division. So, we'll be playing the champs from Allen, Frisco and Lewisville today.

We're anxious for the boys. They've worked hard to get this far and coach has devoted lots of time to helping these boys be their best both physically and mentally.

This was at our trophy party a few weeks ago. These are our season MVPs. The cutie on the left is one of my favorites. We have 16 players and almost all of them are my favorites in some form or fashion. (notice my sweaty husband - he gets out and plays soccer with the boys at these parties)

The sweetie on the left plays attacking midfielder and the kiddo on the right usually played sweeper, but he is going to move up to right midfielder for the TOC. He had lots of success in that role in our third place finish in the Hurst tournament.

This is one of my other faves. He was one of the MVPs at the tournament. He is just too damn cute for his own good. He always has some silly look on his face for pictures. But, he is so charismatic and adorable. I could take him home and keep him.

And, what can I say? Two of the cutest boys I know.

Here is the cutie patootey getting his trophy. These are the boys who seemed to enjoy having him play with them the most at practice, so Coach asked them to help him get his trophy.

And this is our motley crew. Today, we'll test the boys to the fullest extent. Cross your fingers and say a prayer. We'd love to see these boys succeed. They really enjoy playing and they're accustomed to winning. That is sort of nice.


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