Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Burns my eyes and ears, it does

As Gollum would say: foul.

I had totally forgotten about this song from my youth until I discovered it on Baboon Pirates, who takes us on a trip through the music of my childhood and teen years.


I look back at the styles of the 80s - styles for which I was a trend-setting poster girl - and I cringe. Did I really tie a bandana around my wrist, my leg and my neck (alone or simultaneously)? Did I really have the big hair mullet-looking thing? Did I really listen to and enjoy this cheesey stuff?

Do you think these guys get embarrassed when they look back at their muscle shirts and cheesey Neal Schon hair? Headbands, metal-studded wrist bands and parachute pants. Gees.

I'm off to burn my high school memory books.


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