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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


A grim reminder

Every once in a while, we catch a glimpse into someone's life. We see only what they want to reveal. Sometimes they show us joy, sometimes pain and sometimes sadness. The family at A Storm in Afghanistan showed us laughter when there was nothing to laugh at. Joy when there was little to be happy about and now, sadness.

The blogger is a soldier. His wife lost her battle with cancer on Dec. 31. It is a reminder to all of us at how precious life really is. She leaves behind two small daughters and a mourning husband. She was only 39. I don't know this family, but I have been a lurker to the blog for sometime now and I admire their courage in the face of impending death. I feel such sadness for each of them. I'm sad for her because I can't imagine knowing that I'm dying and leaving my children motherless. I can't fathom the grief he feels to lose the love of his life. Magnify that with a life in the military and the task of raising his two girls without their mother.

God love them. Keep them in your prayers.


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