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Is it just me?

I received our monthly church newsletter and it had an announcement of the purchase of a new rectory. We had been getting our priests from the Marianists and they had their own house. Well, once we lost our Marianist priece, the diocese appointed a priest from within the diocese. So, now, our priest was homeless until we bought a rectory.

So, the particulars on the rectory:
$175,990 price
four-bedroom, 1,939-square-foot home

Is it just me or is this a little extravagant for a man who took a vow of poverty? I'm sure we're furnishing it, too. I just don't see why the church needed to spend this much money on a four-bedroom home for a single priest. I could see a nice two-bedroom, but this seems like overkill.

I'm sure I'll be struck down by lightning from the storms going on right now, but gees louise.


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