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Advancing to the semifinals

Our Bad News Bears won again last night. This time 14-4. We avenged one of our three losses this season. This little team beat us 3-2 on a rainy Saturday morning game not long after I had my surgery. With our victory, we have advanced to the semifinals tonight and can finish no worse than fourth in the city tournament. We finished fourth (out of 14 teams in the regular season.) This shot is a few weeks old. We played a double-header one Saturday afternoon to make up for rain-outs. On this day, Hot Rod got the game ball in the first game. He is such a good little ball player.

In the second game, Hot Rod hit two "little league in the park" homeruns (which means that he scored on a basehit and three errors - lol) in this game. He is a good baserunner, too. Very quick. He soooo did not get that speed from me. He is good at first base, too. He gets that from his dad and his good arm from me. He made a great stretch for an out last night at first. Our other first baseman made a great snag of a line drive, too. Good little team we have here. The league may have us play a double-header tonight for the semifinals with the championship and consolation game to follow immediately. They are concerned about the possibility of rain on Friday. With the rainy spring we've had this year, it is a valid concern. Wish us luck tonight.


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