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Go Wildcats

We had the unfortunate feeling that Hot Rod's baseball team would really stink this year and, alas, we were right. His first game on Thursday night resulted in the team getting run-ruled 12-2. Hot Rod only got two at-bats. He played first most of the game and pitcher for one or two innings. He just has no help around him in the field and it is really sad to watch and even harder for him to deal with. We had the Bad News Bears last spring and they looked bad, but did really well finishing third in the season. He isn't accustomed to losing and losing badly. So, it is hard for him.
He had a great hit to centerfield his first at-bat, then struggled the second time. He may be struggling a bit not playing for mom and dad. AoD is the assistant coach, but it isn't the same. Plus, mom is just a spectator this season. That is hard for ME!

He didn't get past first, which was pretty discouraging, too. Hopefully these little guys will get better. Maybe today ... right? One can hope. At least he looks really good in that shade of blue. :)


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