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Tiny Dancer

Today Little Bit was selected to be one of the "Baby Buffoons" for the Festival Ballet's annual Nutcracker. This year will be its 20th year of performing here. It is very exciting as the ballet brings in some of the top ballerinas from Russia and around the world to perform in it.

While this isn't the local performance, it is an example of her crowning achievement. *insert giggle here* She'll be one of the little girls to hop out from under Mother Ginger aka Mother Buffoon toward the end of Act II.

We have to sign her contract *ooh, so formal* Sunday afternoon. I hope to find out when she'll be performing so we can fill the seats with a Little Bit cheering section. I did dissuade her from wearing this hideous tutu for the audition today. Thank the Lord. It is so ugly, but she loves it. I convinced her to wear her more sedate and tasteful small ballerina tutu.

She was so excited. She called her Granny and Papa and said "I got picked and I'm going to be on stage in front of allllllll those people!" Its official, I'm a stage mom.


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